Lightroom has a well defined workflow for cataloging, processing and publishing photos but one place where standard functionality falls short for a professional photographer is how to integrate  shopping cart from a website or simply list of files selected by the client into the workflow. Manual matching of full or partial names could be a lengthy process. If you have 2000 images taken at the wedding and your client selected 200 out of them, it might take you an hour just to go through your catalog and precisely match client's selection against complete set in your catalog. This is where ClientSelects plug-in comes into place. You just load list of selected photos into plug-in, set how you want to mark client's selection, click Search button and have all your picks marked in a few seconds.

Installation instructions

  • Download latest version of plug-in here and extract it into directory of your choice.
  • Go to File/Plug-In Manager, click Add and select directory where you place the plug-in.
  • Plug-in should be available under Library/Plug-In Extras/ClientSelect.


Plug-in will attempt to match entered search patterns to the filename in your currently open folder. If match is detected then all options selected in Apply Metadata section will be applied to the image. Search patterns could be full or partial image names and extensions are ignored because proofs selected by the client are usually JPG format but you would want to mark your RAW images.


Lightroom 3.0

Release History

Ver Nov 21 2011

Fixed search issue on Mac platform.

Ver Oct 25 2011

Fixed case sensitivity issue with the search.
Since some people have reported inconsistent search behaviour I added logging support to plugin. Send My Documents/ClientSelectsDbg.log along with bug report.

Ver Sep 7 2010

French translation by Jean-Paul

Ver Sep 2 2010

Fixed search not working if pattern contained LUA's magic characters

Ver 1.4 Aug 30 2010

Added support for translation strings, translated to Russian
Optimized search to allow selection of any source.

Ver 1.2 Aug 16 2010

Fixed color label not setting for non-English installation.

Ver 1.1 Jul 22 2010

Fixed some formatting of search pattern.
Added support for search in collections and collection sets.

Ver 1.0 Jul 15 2010

Initial release. Testing required on Mac, Wista, WinXP 32 and 64 bits. Unfortunately Lightroom SDK doesn't support setting Pick flag, so this feature is disabled until further investigation.


Bug report here
Feature request here