Challenges of interior photography

Recently I received a request from an interior designer to shoot few rooms in a fairly large house. The only quirk was that owners didn’t want to have any lighting equipment on the premises (go figure why?), and I had about one hour shoot everything. In situation like this the only possible solution is to use bracketing feature in the camera since most of the interior shots would exceed dynamic range of digital SLR. So I pack my D700 along with 16-35 f/4, tripod and shutter release cable. Cannot get any stealthier than this.

I set camera to Aperture priority f/14, ISO 200 and fire 5 bracket shots at 1-stop intervals. Here is one mid-frame as it came out of the camera:


Frame is not good enough on its own, definitively needs some work. After loading all 5 bracketed frames into Photoshop HDR Pro things start looking better. After fixing some geometry photo becomes more useable.


This particular room was the most challenging as most of the light was streaking through a small opening in the window and walls projected quite bright orange color onto everything


The master bedroom was the easiest one due to its size and color palette.